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Can a Natural Treatment for Schizophrenia Provide Benefits

Oct 2, 2013, 9:28 pm

SBX was born of a desire to understand if there were steps that could be taken, in addition to taking antipsychotics, that may reduce symptoms of schizophrenia, or even help lead to a recovery from schizophrenia. This Blog is about why we believe the ingredients in SBX work to reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia. Please keep in mind though that SBX is not just about vitamins and supplements. A holistic approach to health is required and this is even more so when trying to recover from schizophrenia. If you would like to look at other action you can take to help recovery please look at our blog 10 Keys to Recovery from Schizophrenia   

There is a lot of money to me made in developing new medications for schizophrenia and the medication that has been developed, despite the infamous side effects, has become invaluable in the treatment of schizophrenia. The problem however, is that in finding this pharmaceutical solution, we appear to have neglected to make sufferers of schizophrenia (and their families) aware of the natural complementary treatments that help with schizophrenia and the benefits they can provide. The beneficial effects of certain nutrients which, while less dramatic, are in our opinion indisputable. They have no known side effects and are easily obtained, but there is relatively little promotion of them by doctors and no one has put them together into a supplement until SBX. 

The consensus in the medical community is that there is no cure to schizophrenia. We agree, but it is not so much a cure people with schizophrenia are looking for. They are looking for a permanent recovery from schizophrenia. While the consensus is that this is rare, none of the doctors that we spoke to, or information sites that we visited, were prepared to say that a recovery was not possible. People do recover, and we wanted to identify why some people recover, when others do not. Recovery in our opinion must involve more than just treating symptoms with medication. 

At least in part we felt that nutrition must play a roll. Our searches revealed many studies that suggested B Vitamins,  Antioxidants, Ginkgo Biloba, Zinc and other vitamins and supplements could improve the symptoms of schizophrenia. In fact the more we looked, the more studies we found. They were conducted by medical professionals and doctors at universities and generally were double blind meaning the possibility of a placebo effect was removed. We were amazed at the fairly consistent results showing reduction of symptoms to those taking the nutrients that were the subject of the study.   We also uncovered something we did not expect, evidence from some studies that strongly suggested people suffering from schizophrenia were often deficient in these ingredients in comparison to healthy individuals something that appeared to be caused by genetics and persisted despite a healthy diet. Surely while a deficiency persists a recovery is more difficult and so taking supplements to remove this is vital. People with schizophrenia appeared to need more of some of these nutrients then healthy people. 

At the end of our investigation we had found that there were nutrient that we believed all schizophrenia sufferers should be taking. They are of course the ones listed above and you can see the studies with respect to them on our site. Some further investigation reveled that it was possible to combine these ingredients into one supplement that we believed could assist in recovery from schizophrenia. Nobody  had done this, so we joined forces with an award winning manufacturer to produce it. 

SBX is not a cure for schizophrenia, it should not replace your medication, but it may help with the symptoms of schizophrenia and the evidence suggests that people suffering from schizophrenia should be taking the ingredients in it. For a proportion of suffers in studies these ingredient led to a reduction of symptoms and did so in the short period of time that the studies ran (often only a few months).   Combined with other factors such as exercise, diet, a good support system and following doctors orders, we strongly believe that taking SBX can help lead those suffering from schizophrenia to a full recovery.

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