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SBX Vitamins Supplement multivitamin

SBX Supplements for Schizophrenia

SBX is a supplement for those suffering from schizophrenia. The formulation contains the different vitamins and natural ingredients that studies suggest may reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia and help with recovery from schizophrenia.

$29 per bottle (Total of 60 capsules) 


For more information on the ingredients of SBX, please click on the links below for the studies.

Client’s testimonials

I started taking SBX with my prescribed antipsychotics and felt more alert and my mood became more positive.  I had been out of work for some time and beginning to worry about money as I have limited health insurance, but now, I have just started a new, part-time job, in the food sector, and have even, much to my friends' surprise, started dating again! Thank you SBX!  I won't go a day without this supplement.

Mike C

My doc mentioned taking more supplements like ginkgo biloba, B vitamins etc with my meds. Buying a bunch of different vitamins is expensive so I tried SBX. Before I started SBX, my doc told me I was paranoid (which I still am btw) but the voices were really taking over me. The voices are still there, but I've noticed they've started to quieten a little...  

Frankie P

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